Smile and relax!  It is your day and you should enjoy it!  Be carefree and have fun!  The best way to do that?  Get it in writing!!!!  No worries, no problem.

Most professional DJ's will have a contract.   A Professional DJ will sit down with you and go over the details of your party or event because they want you to be happy and want you to recommend their business.   A DJ who cares about your good time will want to interview with you in person. A professional DJ wants to meet with you and offer suggestions to help make your party a success!  Talking on the phone is only the first part of looking for a DJ.  Of course if you live somewhere farther away where there are no DJ's available that meet your expectations you may have to make exceptions. DJ's come in different sizes, shapes, personalities, and attitudes.  Most DJ's love their job and want their customers to have fun!  A person can refer to a contract if there is a question, misunderstanding, dispute or some clarification needed about something discussed.  Some DJ's don't feel a contract is needed and feel there is an unspoken a trust between the DJ and the purchaser. Beware what you don't see, you don't get!  Beware of short vague contracts written to protect the DJ and not the customer. 

Your DJ should be caring and concerned about making your day easy!!!  

Suppose your DJ shows up to your party without the lights you thought were included in the price to create an ambient atmosphere, or a rock party feel. What do you have to rely on to say who is right?  The DJ maybe thought you understood there is an extra fee for lights since you paid a flat fee for basic service so she/he did not bring the lights.  You on the other hand state you thought the DJ told you lights were included and now you have no lights for your party or event.  If you had something in writing this could have been avoided. It is very important to tell your DJ in detail and to have a written itinerary of what your DJ is going to do and in what order to do it in. Don't trust a DJ that says you don't need these details in writing or you will have no written confirmation of what was expected at your event. Remember your DJ cannot guess what you need you have to tell the DJ what you want. Spina Digital Entertainment will always do this for you!


Master of ceremonies?  If the DJ you hired does not provide MC service because of his/her own personal reasons and excuses you will want to know this ahead of time when making your decision to hire a DJ.

Spina Entertainment Includes lights, microphones, an announcements at no extra charge.  We feel this should at the very least, be a basic service.


This does happen!

You did not did not like the music the DJ played all night. The DJ only played the music he or she likes.  As a matter of fact your guest were definately not the hip hop crowd but the DJ just seemed to not care.  Your grandma and grampa want just to dance to one song together but the DJ was too busy trying to mix his own beats and have his own fun. The DJ did not try to accomodate requests.  In fact, your DJ won't take any requests! You never met the DJ and never discussed the age group of your guests or the theme.  You never met the DJ until a few days before the event and it is too late to get your money back or hire a different DJ.  The DJ is not dressed appropriately for your event, and certainly did not look the way you imagined when you were on the phone speaking to him or her. You thought you paid for lights and guests were unhappy, people left early and commented on your not so nice DJ.  Unfortunately you can't get your money back for not interviewing your DJ or discussing with your DJ what you expected of him or her.  Most of all YOU HAVE NO DECENT CONTRACT, or your contract is vague and ALL YOU HAVE WAS AN EMPTY PROMISE and that is unfortunate. 


CONTRACTS SHOULD HAVE MORE THAN THE TIME, DATE, PLACE. It should have stop and start times, overtime details, equipment set up details, deposit information, cancellation information, what is refundable and in what time frame?  Be sure the contract has all your important concerns outlined and if not ask the DJ to compromise and add to it. If the request is reasonable it should not be a problem.  If the answer is no don't hire that DJ.

IMPORTANT: If someone besides yourself pays for your services and the finances fall through, the person who signs the contract which is probably you, is responsible to the DJ for the bounced check or unpaid services including all the fees because the person who signed the contract is the person who has to rectify payments and fees.

When you are looking for a DJ is very important you do not make it the last thing you do to get ready for your event!   Give yourself time to interview and make up your mind so you are not looking around at the last minute.  One more thing, ask your DJ to give you a sample contract to bring home with you so you can read it with no pressure!